Selfie Stick Invention : Here is All You Must Know

Don’t you think a selfie is incomplete without a selfie stick? So you must be curious to know about the selfie stick!

Actually, we all know how essential selfie sticks are these days for all those who love clicking selfies. Before knowing selfie sticks in further, it is important to know what exactly it is? The selfie stick is a tool that acts as an extended arm for clicking pictures or recording videos on which the user has to frame or position the device, typically a phone. This allows users to click a picture at a distance and an angle that could not be possible with the human arms by itself. Now knowing further, Inventing selfie sticks is one of the coolest inventions which is taking place in every market. The selfie stick is designed to make photography easy and convenient, which is developed considering all essential things for clicking good pictures or selfies. Let’s know more about this interesting tool in detail with its interesting facts.

Who invented selfie sticks?

It was Hiroshi Ueda who invented selfie sticks in 1983 for the first time. During this time Hiroshi Ueda was an engineer for the camera company named Minolta. He was a very keen photographer which motivated him perhaps for designing the beautiful tool called the selfie stick.

An interesting fact is it was on the trend way before its invention since 1934 or maybe before that. It is said, it was even before the term selfie was originated.

Story of selfie stick invention

Imagine you are with your family or with your beloved one and at a very beautiful place where you want to capture everything and nice shots. And for capturing family pictures or any picture with your partner you need someone’s help, generally strangers to get clicked whom you have to trust. Yes, the story started right there when Hiroshi Ueda was traveling Europe with his wife and was keen for getting clicked together with his wife where he had to trust some stranger but he couldn’t because of his past experience. When he was in the Paris Louvre Museum, he asked one kid to take a photo of them, but it went wrong when that kid ran away with his camera where he faced difficulty in asking for a solution.

Like this, here selfie stick came into the picture where Hitoshi Ueda came up with the idea of designing an extended stick. Stick which can get extended as per the needed amount with a tripod lock that allows users to attach their camera or phone. Along with this design, he also added a mirror so that users or photographers could see themselves for clicking perfect shots as per their desire. Now, it is apparent behind the invention of this tool is to not rely on any strangers to take pictures and to click by their own wherever and whenever they want as per their convenience.

Minolta went ahead with the idea of Hiroshi Ueda for creating an extender or selfie stick as they found his idea incredible. He got patented in 1983 for his extender but he wasn’t happy as it didn’t get the commercial accomplishment. After a certain period of time, Hiroshi’s patent got the climax in 2003, a decade before the latest boom in selfie sticks.

After Hiroshi Ueda, Wayne Fromm is another inventor who is known for his gadgets and Canadian toy invention. He developed Quick Pod in the early 2000s which is similar to the extender or selfie stick designed by Hiroshi, but Wayne Fromm added his own different ideas and features. He was not familiar with Hiroshi’s earlier design and coincidence is he too appeared with the idea during his European holidays. Wayne gave this tool another level of accomplishment with his further addition. Aiming adventurous travelers, Wayne made his product impregnable to water and sand and added all manners of extra and interesting features like a fast release head.

Unlike Hiroshi’s, Wayne sold his product well and got a good commercial accomplishment. Though there are many others who are profiting from it too. Considering their invention, they both are happy that they have created something fun or helpful or useful for the people.

An updated and advanced version of selfie sticks

Nowadays selfie sticks are more advanced than before. As time upholds, developers kept adding interesting features to make it more unique and helpful for users, keeping in mind all the important things for the commercial market. This led the selfie sticks in a different dynamic and still trending. These days various selfie sticks are available with all advanced features that were not there before which is listed below.

  • It comes in a lightweight these days which makes it easier to handle even after attaching a device or any phone to it.
  • It also appears with a great handle grip for a stronghold, so that it would not fall accidentally from your hand.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity these days which makes the selfie stick more convenient and easy to use where you do not have to worry about wire unlike in earlier selfie sticks.
  • Some selfie sticks come with a wrist strap which you can tie on your hand for extra safety from falling.
  • There are some selfie sticks that get converted into the tripod further adding to its versatility which acts great for both the purposes.
  • Today’s selfie sticks are more durable and strong as compared with previously designed selfie sticks. Not just durability, it has a versatile and unique style as well.
  • Most of the advanced selfie sticks work with the battery especially one which appears with the bluetooth. This battery certainly works great.

Selfie Stick Interaction

There are three common types of different selfie sticks that perform differently and are available in the market.

  • Timer-based selfie sticks

These selfie sticks are one of the earliest types of selfie stick which has a simple design stick with a phone or device holder attached. This selfie stick usually performs with the phone’s default camera timer or third party camera application and voice authority to click the picture.

  • Wired selfie sticks

This type of selfie stick usually contains wire and uses the 3.5mm jack for connectivity to the device or phones. In these selfie sticks, the signal gets controlled by most modern smartphones which are equipped by the 4 pin jack that expands an additional pin to the conventional 3 pin jack. This wired selfie stick has a tactile button in the handle which allows taking the pictures. These selfie sticks are one of the most popular selfie sticks in the market due to its low cost and accessible technology.

  • Bluetooth selfie sticks

This selfie stick usually works with wireless bluetooth connectivity or stabilizes a detailed bluetooth transmission channel between the smartphones and the sticks. Contrary to wired selfie sticks, these selfie sticks could practically facilitate a vast number of commands. Most of this selfie stick allows advanced features like video or photo selector, zooming and back or front camera selector. There are some models which contain an additional controller to control the third party application to improve the selfie stick interaction. Nonetheless, these types of selfie sticks need a distinct power supply and must be paired or attached to the phone before use.

Some Interesting facts you should not miss!

  • 2014 was considered as the year of the selfies. This year, selfies and their essential hardware counterpart like selfie sticks became a cultural or artistic mainstay. This tool or device made it big when it got a place on Time’s list of 25 best inventions of the year. At the beginning of 2015, the New York Times inscribed about the thriving phenomena of selfie sticks, selfies and self-centered social media dealing apps.
  • Selfie sticks got banned in several places considering users safety. Places like Disney banned selfie stick at its theme park to avoid an accident, as it found many times that people use selfie stick during their rides which may cause an accident. Also earlier in 2015, musical carnivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella banned the selfie sticks or other selfie aiding tools as well as other various sports events like professional cycling races, soccer games and Wimbledon.
  • The craze was going out of hand for selfies, also when selfie sticks aids advantage to it. On September 2015, It was found that more people died because of selfies than any other accidents. Other crazy things are using selfie sticks for clicking selfies on dangerous situations like using in front of running trains and running on the bulls and other such incidents which led to many accidents causing a high death rate.

Final words

Lastly, the invention of selfie sticks is the boon for this generation where one can do a lot with this creative and interesting tool which is why it got invented. Also, considering other facts like how it can be hazardous as well, users have to understand where and how to use. But again because of knowing how essential it is these days and easy or convenient to use a selfie sticks got good place at the market.

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