Pro Tips to Take a Perfect Mirror Selfie Shot! 

The selfie has become an integral part of our life. It is typically a photo of yourself taken with a smartphone or webcam. Smartphones have intruded into our lives so much that thinking life without a smartphone is not possible any longer. Selfies have become so much popular in recent times due to the very nature. It is so easy to create and share with friends and helps in keeping the perfect memories in a frame without much hassle. With the emergence of so many new social media platforms the craze for this type of photo has increased by many folds. When we look at two apps specifically, we can guarantee that these two have the biggest hands in this explosion of the selfie culture- Instagram and Snapchat. Both of the apps have options to share your photos with your family and friends and show them what you are upto. 

As selfies become more and more integral to our society, it is gaining a bad image as well with the increase in no of deaths while taking selfies. Selfie deaths have become a serious problem in our society. A study conducted by a govt source has shown that 259 people were reported to be dead due to fatal incidents that occurred during taking selfies. The mean age was 23 years and about 72.5% of them were male and 27.5% female.

Mirror selfies have little to no risk factor to them as they are most of the time indoors and pose no such threat to life. Though there have been so many reported deaths, it has not slowed down the uprising craze of this new method of photography. People have become much more cautious now and there might be a decrease in fatality reports due to selfies shortly.

In this article, I am going to discuss one of the most common methods of selfies-the mirror selfie. I will talk about what is a mirror selfie and how to click the perfect mirror selfie. I will also add some captions at the very end to choose from and give you some ideas for posing in a mirror selfie. You will get a complete idea about mirror selfies in general and how to upload a banging mirror selfie to your social media feed.

What is a mirror selfie?

Mirror selfies tend to provide a more intimate and casual medium. This will allow you to have an image that will show more of your personality and surroundings by bringing it back and having the reflection to its trick. A young Russian Duchess in 1913 tried this technique for the first time. Her name was Anastasia Nikoleavna. From the Kodak Brownie that she used in 1913 to the smartphones of 2020, we have come a long way. Today, if you have an account on any social media platform then there is a chance that you will have a mirror selfie uploaded to your account. It has become a part of our social media life. TikTok and Instagram influencers try to do various things while clicking a mirror selfie to not make it repetitive. 

One of the most well-known Instagram influencers, who uses mirror-selfie to express herself is Fiyori Ghebreweldi. She is based in Berlin and works as a stylist. She says that “To be in full control of the outcome of the image feels unbelievable to me. Regardless of if you’re doing styling or modeling or production for a living, in this industry, our work is about collaborating with other visions. Which is beautiful, but the power of not having to rely on another person is an amazing feeling.”

I would like to explain how you can have full control over the outcome of the image. We will talk about it later in the article. But first, let us learn how to click the perfect mirror selfie and discuss some poses that you can try out. Though there are endless possibilities that you can try on your own and be as creative as possible, as most of you who are reading this right now are not well acquainted with mirror selfies. Thus i will try to make it as basic as possible and will add some professional tips at the end of the article. Read the entire article to become a mirror selfie expert.

How to take a perfect mirror selfie?

How to take a perfect mirror selfie?

So, if you have been looking at everyone posting mirror selfies in their social media account and you also want to click one yourself then just get on with doing it. But if you have tried already and have failed to click a single decent selfie till now then I can help you with that. 

First, let us understand what makes a photo or selfie good or bad. So I decided to research this question a bit and found out some interesting answers. One of the most basic requirements of a good photo or selfie is the ability of the picture to evoke some sort of emotion in the viewer. If the image can do so, it can be considered to be a good photo or selfie. 

To have the perfect mirror selfie you must capture the moment as a whole as if they speak to your emotions. The ability to click a selfie that has a sense of intrigue and mystique to it will keep your viewers captivated.

Read through the various points that I mention in the article and you will be able to do just fine after that.

  • A perfect setting

First and foremost you will need to have decent mirrors and lighting. If you don’t have a nice setup then it is going to be hard for you to click a good mirror selfie. You can opt-in for places in your room that receive natural lighting because they produce the best pictures. Open all the blinds and curtains and allow more light in during the day and click the best possible mirror selfie. In case you want to click during night time, try to use soft and warm lamps instead of going for some bright overhead lights. Avoid any sort of harsh white lights such as fluorescent lights as they might dull your skin.

  • Don’t look at the mirror

So, now that you have the setup ready it is time for clicking the selfie. Make sure that you don’t look at the mirror directly as it may make the selfie look a bit cheesy, rather try to look at the screen of your phone. This will make it look less awkward and will give a nice vibe to the picture. You should also try not to put on a huge smile and go for a smirk or pout to add a cool effect to it.

  • The angle of the camera is important

The angle at which you hold the camera of the phone also makes a lot of difference to the picture. If you tilt the phone at a slightly downward angle and hold it close to the face then it will make you look leaner. Try to keep it at your chin-level height and try tilting the camera at various angles to find out the best possible angle which will make you look taller and leaner. An additional tip that I can give you is that the higher you will hold your phone, the taller and leaner you will look. 

  • Take different types of mirror selfies

Mirror selfies rather than selfies, in general, are not made for everyone as most of us are not confident about our expressions on camera. So, if you want to click a mirror selfie without showing your face and not worry about those expressions, you can just hold your phone directly in front of your face and just leave your hair visible. This will add a sense of mystique to the selfie. In case you want a headless selfie than just hold the camera at your chin level and tilt the camera downwards until your head is no longer visible.

  • Be creative

You can be creative with mirror selfies as reflections can help in creating a lot of illusions. One of the most basic illusion tricks that can be used in a mirror selfie is the “Double Shot”. You can create this cool illusion by standing in front of the mirror and using the front camera to click a mirror selfie. Hold the phone in front of you in such a way that it will capture both you and your reflection. It looks great and has a cool vibe to it.

  • Click several selfies

Try to click as many photos as possible in various poses and angles and don’t settle down for 1-2 selfies. Try out different poses or click pictures while holding the phone at various angles and heights. Clicking so many pictures will allow you to look at all of them, and hopefully, you will find the perfect mirror selfie that you desired. 

Best pose for mirror selfies

The most important thing in any photograph is how you pose for the photo. Selfies aren’t any different. If you want to click a picture that is going to catch the eyes of everyone then you will definitely need to have a strong pose game. As we see with all the different influencers and celebrities that they tend to have so many poses ready in their bag, you might copy from them if you want or try out your very own pose. But I will give you some basic and most common poses that are used for clicking mirror selfies.

  • A cross-your-legs selfie

cross leg selfie

This pose works when you are clicking a full-body selfie. As you stand in front of the mirror, you can cross your legs and tilt your hip a bit sidewards to have a casual feel about the picture. Try not to step too far out as it will make the picture look unnatural. This pose makes your legs a lot thinner and makes your whole body look lean. Though this pose won’t suit most of the boys, all the ladies can definitely try it out.

  • An outfit-show-off selfie

show your outfit selfie

If you are wearing a great outfit and want to click a mirror selfie for showing off, then this pose will be the best for you. Stand in front of a full-sized mirror. Place your feet about waist-width wide and look directly towards the mirror. Do not slouch in this picture as it will look pretty bad. Stand upright with your shoulders back. Regarding the arm movement, you can do anything with it.

  • Be creative

creative selfie ideas
pc. Pinterest

You can try various poses while clicking the mirror selfies. You can try to click a hot selfie by putting your leg up on the counter if you’re taking your selfie inside the bathroom. You can also go for a sitting selfie by sitting cross-legged in front of the mirror. You can take more inspiration by looking at various other poses by using the hashtag mirror selfie on Instagram.

  • Show off your figure

body showoff image
pc. daily mail

If you have a beautiful body and want to show off then you can try to go for this pose. Stand backward towards the mirror and then turn a bit sideways. Turn such that you can show off the curves in your body. This can also be done in a side picture where you just want to flaunt your body, which you have put in so much hard work to achieve.

  • Squat down selfie

squart leg selfie

Don’t have a full-sized mirror? No problem, you can always do a squat and fit your whole body in a small mirror. This will add a cool casual effect to the selfie and make it unique as well. Try to keep your arms in a way that seems natural and not forced.

  • Flash mirror selfie

flash selfie
pic. Pinterest

In this type of click, you will break an important rule of mirror selfies. You will turn on the flashlight of the camera while clicking the selfie. This will create a bright spot near the camera lens and give it a cool look. This will also work as a distraction if there is any bad lighting and not make it much visible in the selfie.

  • Filtered Selfie

filter image selfie

You can play around with the lighting. If you have a room that receives a lot of natural lighting, then try to create a nice pattern of light by opening a portion of the blinds. Let the light filter in and sit over there to pose for some nice naturally lit mirror selfies. These look pretty and will add to the aesthetic feel of the photo.

  • The bathroom mirror selfie

bathroom mirror selfie
pic. Pinterest

This is the most common form of selfie that we see nowadays. Be it a restaurant, a mall, or even the airport, bathroom mirror selfies have become a common thing. The lighting of the bathroom is often superior to all other lighting effects so this is the best place to click some of the best mirror selfies possible.

  • Self(ie)-care pose

selfie-car selfie
pc. Pinterest

Whenever someone posts a selfie of them with a face-mask it sure gets all the likes and gains the attention of the people. So the next time you decide to take care of your skin and go for a relaxing bath, do take your phone along with you to click that coveted selfie. Combine the self-care and mirror selfie to get the self(ie)-care pose.

  • Cover-your-face pose

cover the face selfie
pc. youtube

If you think that you want a selfie that focuses on the outfit and accessories that you are wearing more than you and your face, then the best thing to do is cover your face with the phone that you will use to take the mirror selfie. This gives a cool and mysterious effect to the selfie and makes it more appealing. Position your phone front and center of the face so that only your hair is visible and nothing else.

Pro tips to take better mirror selfie

Pro tips to take better mirror selfie

Clicking a perfect mirror selfie is not that difficult if you know the correct way of doing it. I will share some of the most basic yet best tips that you must follow while trying to get a good mirror selfie. So let us start without delaying it any further.

  • Find the perfect lighting

Lighting is one of the most important criteria while clicking pictures. Be it a passport size photo for some official document, or be it a professional photoshoot; clicking pictures without good lighting is impossible. So try to find a place with the best lighting and look at the difference yourself. Lighting doesn’t always mean that bright lights will help you; you need to find out which type of lighting suits you the most. I will agree that this may be the hardest thing to find as proper lighting outside of a studio is very hard to find but you can create your own lighting so be creative and think of a solution.

  • Use a clean mirror

Second in this list of tips is a very basic thing that you must do. Clean your mirror as well as your camera lens. This is a very minute detail but has the potential to make a big difference. If you are someone who thinks dust is aesthetic then there is no need to do that, but most of us find it annoying so it is better to clean your mirror before clicking a mirror selfie. Mirror selfies tend to show a lot about what is going on behind you at that particular time so it will also be good for the viewers as they will be able to look at a clean picture.

  • Try to use a stable mirror

Keep your mirror in a stable position so that it won’t move around. When you have a stable mirror, you can move freely and check out various poses and angles. When you are the only variable in a photoshoot then it is easy to click good pictures as you don’t have to worry about all the other constants. When too many things change between various clicks, it is hard to capture a perfect mirror selfie. 

  • Use the right setting

One of the things that you also need to do is find a mirror that is the perfect size for you. A small mirror will work if you are thinking of clicking a selfie with just your face and upper body in it. In the case when you want to click the selfie of your whole body, a full-sized mirror is what you will need. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can always crop your selfies, so if you have a full-size mirror and want a face selfie you can crop the rest of the body out.

  • Put on the correct outfit

Now let us talk about the most important thing that makes a selfie pop out from the rest of the pictures- the correct outfit. Mirror selfies stand out most when you were some colorful, bold, and texture-based outfits. You don’t need to go for clothes which have a high price-tag, rather most of the time cheap dresses can give you a better picture. It all depends on how it fits you. Most influencers try to make it look as if they were expensive outfits all the time but it is not the case and doesn’t get discouraged if you don’t have enough money to buy some designer clothes.

  • Be experimental and creative

You need to be creative with the way you click the selfies. When you start experimenting with various techniques and angles you get a different perspective of the image. Most of the time this results in completely changing the message of the picture and makes it much more of a statement rather than just a selfie. Never get discouraged by hate comments and try to be as creative as possible so that every mirror selfie that you click becomes something much more than a picture.

  • Buy the best selfie mirror

If you are addicted to mirror selfies and are fed up with not getting great selfies because your mirror is not big enough or fancy enough then it is time for you to buy a new selfie mirror that will cater to your needs perfectly. You can go for something other than the conventional shapes of the mirror and opt-in for a bolder frame. The main goal should be that your entire body fits in the mirror, other than that you can do whatever you want. But keep in mind, after buying the new mirror, you will have to regularly clean it. You can post pictures of you with smudges all over your face and the outfit. This will ruin the very purpose of taking a mirror selfie.

  • Buy a selfie ring light

If you have trouble with the lighting in front of your mirror, then you can definitely try to have some better lighting with the selfie ring light. This is not a costly gadget at all and most of the influencers have some sort of extra lighting too. This may be visible in the reflection of the mirror when you click a mirror selfie with this attached to the phone. The reflection will help you in capturing a photo that focuses on the outfit more than anything else, so this is a win for you.

Mirror selfie image editing ideas

mirror selfie editing ideas
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Editing an image can bring the best out of it. Editing is like finding out the untapped potential of an athlete. Mirror selfies provide us with a wide array of options to choose the way of editing it. We can create many different effects and illusions with the help of mirror selfies.

If you want a cool and funky look to it, you can easily increase the color of the image and add some sort of a funky filter to it like a cartoon filter, etc. You can also try to make it a bit more intriguing and add to its mystique by making it a bit monochromatic and increasing the contrast of the image. You can also try different editing styles with the outdoor mirror selfies, like removing the background completely and making it look like you are floating in a space, or if you stand on a mirror and click a downward-looking selfie, you can then edit the mirror out of the picture and make it look like you were floating. 

These are some cool ideas that you can try out for fun.

Best mirror selfie captions you can try while posting

Mirror selfies are and always will be the go-to install pics. You can not only just show off your outfit of the day (OOTD) but also show some love to yourself to keep your mood up. No one can click a better picture of you than you yourself. You know your angles the best and will go to any length to get the perfect selfie. But even that perfect selfie will be incomplete if you don’t come up with the right and apt caption for the picture. All the hard work that you just put in for clicking the perfect selfie will not get you the desired result if you don’t add the perfect caption to it. One perfect selfie caption for your feed may attract various new followers and get you featured as well. I am going to provide you with some captions to add to your arsenal and use it when needed in the social media world that we currently live in. If you are confused with what to write, here is a list of captions for you to just copy and paste on your Instagram feed.

  • Just woke up.
  • I was born to stand apart.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
  • Believe in yourself
  • Life is not perfect, but your outfit can be
  • Haters always tell the truth
  • I really like staring at pretty things
  • It’s just me, my selfie, and I
  • Objects in the mirror are cuter than they appear
  • Mirror: “You look cute today” Camera: “LOL, no”
  • The person in the mirror is your only competition
  • Some call it arrogance, i call it confidence
  • Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself- Coco Chanel
  • It’s like you are my mirror, my mirror staring back at me- Justin Timberlake
  • Only see the truth when i am staring in the mirror- Drake
  • Ayo, mirror on the wall who is the brightest of them all?= Tyler the Creator

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So, if you have read through the entire article, you have a decent idea now about how to click a mirror selfie, which different poses to choose from and you also have some tips from some professionals. I also added some nice captions to help you out with the first mirror selfie that you decide to post on any social media platform. I don’t think you will any longer have issues with clicking the perfect mirror selfie. The most important things that I mentioned in the article are about the lighting of the setting where you are going to click the picture, various ways of clicking the selfies, and trying to be creative and unique. People like trendy stuff but one thing that they love more than following a trend is some unique ideas and visions. So be the one with all those new ideas and click some dope mirror selfies which will garner all those likes and views to your social media account.

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