How to take full body Selfies pictures of yourself with phone

Did you just count how many photos of you, your friends, family, and the entire trip are on your phone right now?

One fact must exclaim you! According to statistics, these days, humans are taking more than a trillion photos over a year. And the most beautiful thing is that every minute one single pose of the selfie is created. Social media and virtual reality have replaced the originality. So, as this virtual reality has become the actual truth, everyone is busy showing off. And mainly photos and videos are the only ways to do so. Although everyone loves taking pictures but taking pictures is not just enough. It would be best if you learn to take photos to go trending on social media and to become an influencer with your good looks and impressive personality. And to learn, the first and the essential thing is a selfie because selfies are the new and most popular photo trend.

Finally, in this article, we will provide you with the perfect tips to take a perfect full-body selfie. We will give you a complete guide to click the ideal selfie, which will help you grow on your social media handles.

How to take a full-length selfie with a mirror?

How to take a full-length selfie with a mirror?
  • Discover a mirror with the correct size, which length is almost similar to a full-body

Pick any mirror that is sufficiently large to fit as quite a bit of you in the shot as you need. For example, a little wall mirror works if you need a selfie of your face, while you need a taller mirror on the off chance that you need an image of your entire body. Remember that you can edit your selfies, as well. If you simply need your face in the picture, yet you have a giant wall mirror, crop the remainder of your body out of the photograph after you take it.

  • Look at the camera rather than the mirror to abstain from looking messy

Rather than looking at yourself in the mirror when you take your selfie, keep your eyes on the screen of your smartphone. In addition to the fact that this helps you ensure you’re getting a decent shot, it additionally keeps you from looking abnormal or constrained.  

  • Spot your phone before your face or inclined down if you need to shroud your face

If you don’t need your face appearing, hold your phone legitimately before it, so everything except for your hair is secured. To take a selfie without appearing on your face, place your hold your phone exactly in front of your jawline and bend it a little downwards until you are not able to look at your head in the shot.

How to take a full-length selfie without a mirror?

  • Place a Tripod on Surface
clicking selfie with tripod
picture curtsy

Place your tripod anywhere like rock, table, car, etc. Simply extend all legs and place them down onto the surface. Make a set-up to take a stable picture. Ensure that the place is not shaking or vibrating even slightly; otherwise, you will get a blurred image. And your all effort will go in vain.

  • Do not set a timer, have a Bluetooth Remote
Do not Set timer, have a Bluetooth Remote
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This is the place where your timings matter most. All you need to do is set the timer and run to your position within the time before the camera is going to click your picture. Or As a second and better option, only if you can afford it, you may use a Bluetooth remote, which will be connected with your phone, and you need to click the button when you get into your perfect position.

How to take a full-body selfie lying down?

How to take a full-body selfie lying down
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If you are a lover of a good selfie, you must be addicted to taking pictures while lying down with different poses. It shows deep self-love. Taking full body Selfies while lying down is the move. And we’re here to share with you some of the best tips on how to take a full-body selfie laying down. So that you can also hop aboard this 21st Century trend, seriously, if you want to cross-check, go and have a quick scroll through Instagram, and you will find everyone loves a good selfie laying down. If you are of the mind that our world would be better with more beautiful selfies laying down in it.  You are at the right place. Taking incredibly hot shots of your body shouldn’t be as challenging as it is.

Here we will give you top photography tips and tricks for taking the best selfie possible. But I want to remind and encourage you that everyone can celebrate their full-body selfie laying down. These aren’t just for women; this is for all bodies.

  • Know Your Angles

While taking any pictures, the angle makes the most significant difference. The actual angle of 45-degree can create the best angle where the chin automatically looks slim. Now you can take your shot with a tilt slightly, your head and shoulder up smoothly is actually the best way for taking a perfect selfie with a phone. On the phone’s flip side, an angle mainly focuses on the forehead portion which makes it more distorted and large. Actually, the body of every individual comes in a variety of shapes and sizes; many men and women strive for the ideal form. But instead of trying for a perfect shape, it would be better to work off with what you’ve got.

  • Arrange A Perfect Lighting

Different lighting set-ups will give your photos entirely different vibes. First, choose which type of lights you actually want? the soft lighting, mesmerizing, and romantic? Or harsh? If you wish for a perfect bright lighted natural selfie then sunlight will be the best option. If you want a bokeh look in your selfie then use some small bulb lights in the background and make it blurred so the bokeh effect is created. And finally, if you can’t set up the perfect lighting simply take selfies and edit them with the best app and adjust the light and thus your photo is ready!

  • Consider your composition and the clothes you’re wearing

Well, the dress does not matter if you know how to carry it. Just wear cloth that you are most comfortable with. You can also experiment with DIY ideas for clothing. As you have painted something on your own or designed it with a needle then the final selfie will be entirely creative. Or else if you are not much creative, jeans or shorts and a loose T-shirt with sneakers for both men and women are the best dress for any type of pose for a selfie.

  • Background

If you want to take a super close-up, it would be better if you go with the thirds rule, but the negative space to the side will look interesting as long as there isn’t clutter. And if you want to make sure the background is as perfectly clean and straightforward as possible as not to distract your eye from the real beauty in the photo, the full-body selfie laying down.

Which are the Best poses for the full-body selfie?

Once you have everything to get a perfect selfie, it’s time to put them to use. The ideal scenario might look like no one has imagined. ‘How to pose’ matters more than which camera you have or which app you are using. The first step is always how you are going to pose in front of the camera. Sometimes, the experiment gives us extraordinary results. So, we need to keep doing an investigation with the different poses while clicking full-body selfies. But still, we are sharing a few poses with you that you might take to look cool and dashing.

  • Pose 1: Take care about your facial expression, as well as focus on your pose
best selfie ideas
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At the point when you think about a selfie, what promptly strikes a chord is a photograph of an individual’s face. Yet, actually, a selfie is an image of you, taken by you. Even if you are snapping a picture of your feet or particularly on the off chance that you will notice your new pair of shoes and you are going to click their pictures. As for the next option, you can do photography with your new armband which is really your favorite, or the fitness band which has been tied on your wrist, or the easiest one you can click a picture of your fingernails which you have cleaned recently. The next selfie of yours needs to be interesting, for this, you can give a challenge to yourself that you will catch yourself by pausing in mid-way dramatically and exploring different avenues regarding various approaches to hold your camera. At that point, simply snap away.

  • Pose 2: Crop in Tight
crop in tight selfie
crop in tight selfie

One best tip is that on the off chance that you hold your smartphone nearer to yourself, it will highlight all over that are nearer to the focal point and limit those that are further away. So implies your nose will look longer and your eyes will look smaller. So, a simple method to fix this is to focus in on your smartphone just marginally (zooming in an excessive amount will lessen detail in the shot) and hold the camera far away from your face.

  • Pose 3: The Two-Handed Selfie 
Two-Handed Selfie 
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When you are going to take a selfie, you will have the option in which way you can hold your camera. You can take the camera either with a single hand or you can hold it with both hands. Although, when we hold our camera with both our hands it is more straightforward and stable. And as for the next option, you may hold the selfie stick or camera with a single hand and press the screen discharge button using your other hand, you really need to be careful so that you would not conceal the focal point. If you are going to utilize both hands and send the camera far from you, your arms will be able to go about as an edge.

  • Pose 4: Show Yourself in Water
water poses
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Float in a pool and take shots down at your face. Either on the other side, you can set an air pocket small shower, staying on the surface of the water, then make your half face filled with bubbles. but be sure, that you don’t drop your smartphone anyhow. Showing yourself in water can be truly fun, and it additionally makes the photograph more interesting than the regular.

  • Pose 5: An advanced “Rule of Thirds” Selfie
Rules of Thirds selfie
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Picture takers thoroughly understand the standard of thirds, yet to let things done very quickly when it comes time to click a selfie. Selfies are not the things that absolve you from making your shot perfectly. The photograph on the privilege is the perfect position of how putting your head and face in the upper left, or upper right corner of the casing can be undoubtedly more convincing than if you put your face directly inside. For the most part, you need your eye line to be 33% down from the head of the edge and out of the way of the border. Simply don’t place yourself in the trim, or it’ll resemble a DMV driver’s permit photograph.

  • Pose 6: Selfie of the Selfie
selfie of a selfie
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One truly fun thought that you might not have seen regularly is to have somebody snap a photo of you taking a selfie. It’s a genuinely complimenting look and is truly fascinating.

Tips for taking a selfie on iPhone

Tips for taking a selfie on iPhone
Tips for taking a selfie on iPhone

Taking the perfect selfie is a really difficult thing, even when you are having a high-quality iPhone camera. We will introduce you to some simple tools and tricks which will help you to up your game.

Tip 1 – Portrait Mode

To start with, go to your Camera application and afterward swipe along to Portrait mode. You would then be able to swipe between modes with studio-lighting effects. Then again, you can edit your photo and include significantly more impacts after you’ve snapped a selfie.

Tip 2 – Exposer

It’s regularly the situation that the lighting around you isn’t helpful for a fabulous selfie. Luckily, it’s truly simple to change the settings on your iPhone camera, so you can take a decent photograph in any event, when it’s splendid or dim. Simply tap and hang on the screen, and afterward slide up or down to increment or decrement into brightness and exposer until your pic looks extraordinary.

Ways to take a full-body selfie without showing the phone

Ways to take a full-body selfie without showing the phone
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If you travel alone most of the time and you want to be in the photo, it’s going to have to be a selfie only. But it’s way more fun if you come back from a trip with photos that look completely natural, unplanned, and unposed, and it is looking like you had a photographer hiding in the bushes everywhere you went, doesn’t it sound great?

There are so many ways to do so; you may click your own pictures, but it will look like somebody else has taken them. And you were just giving different poses, or it was candid. Here are several tricks that you may apply and make everyone full and get work done easier. To make this exciting thing happen, you will need a user-friendly camera with a wi-fi function, a tripod, a remote, a smartphone lens, and a wide-angle lens.

Put the camera on a tripod and hit the timer release

This is the most common method you can use, particularly if you are taking natural pictures where you do not need to worry about anyone taking your camera. Otherwise, if you will do anything like this in the city, your camera or even the whole tripod set-up can be stolen. Just set it up exactly what you have imagined in your mind or exactly like you want to look, hit the timer, and go to the place and take the position and be a part of your own photography.

If you are going to be farther away from the camera and you want more time, you can simply sync your phone and your camera and use your phone as a remote.

Most of the cameras these days can do so, all done through the producer’s cell phone application and, generally, an application that you’ll likewise need to download onto your camera. This data is anything but difficult to track down on Google or in the producer’s manual. For Sony, it’s Imaging Edge,

Put the camera on a tripod, do a long exposure shot, and stand still for a low-light situation

If you need to snap the picture at night or particularly in the night sky, you’ll need a tripod and a long presentation setting, in addition to a clock discharge, so when the shade deliveries to snap the picture, it hasn’t been moved by your hand. On the off chance that doesn’t bode well, look at your angle on the best way to take photographs in low-light circumstances.

Balance it on something

There will be times when you basically don’t have any desire to carry your tripod along. You will regularly need to adjust the camera on your rucksack, a divider, a stone, or pretty much anything you can discover. Simply watch that it won’t fall before you balance it.

In the model above, you may find a little niche in the stones and put them in there. Believe it or not, this shot may take attempts that will make you tired, and unquestionably would have been more straightforward with another person around; however, that is the fun of the selfie.

Put the camera on the ground for another point of view

You can only see the beauty of full body selfies when you will be able to put your phone down. Literally, you will be able to do anything. There would be a million options to get different selfie poses in your hand because any pose will look better and free when you will not have to worry about holding the camera. You may put your camera on the ground and put a water bottle under the focal point to make it face upwards for this shot. The point of view made will look truly cool.

Use a drone for aerial shots

Although this is quite an advanced method and will grow your hardware sack, an automaton will move significantly up your selfie game. However, there are littler, less powerful choices on the off chance that you don’t plan to fly in such circumstances as high wind, outrageous cold, and farther separations.

A few edges are just attainable from the air. However, it’s essential to remember that drones are not permitted in numerous spots, and the guidelines are just developing. They can likewise be dubious about moving, and it takes loads of training to fly in different circumstances taking off and arriving from a little metal stage. All things considered, it might be one of your most loved toys, and I appreciate the difficulties.

Use a wide-angle lens to appear farther away than you are

Your wide-angle lens maybe your enormous secret. It’s how you may get such a great amount into the casing without fleeing from the camera to glance little in the photograph. Indeed, it is costly but must try it if you can afford it. You are going to love it, and it’s a promise.

Recommended Gadgets and Accessories for taking Full body Selfies

Clicking a perfect picture is not all about skills only; you must have all the required gadgets which will glorify your skills. So, on your need and demand, here are the best selfie accessories for making your next shot absolute perfection.

  • Tripod

Final words

Here in this article, we made an effort to help you like you to step up your selfie game and to rock over your media handles as digital marketing has become the most exciting and fast-growing business strategy. And for that, you must have a huge audience. Now just make a set-up and get started with the photoshoot. Take the best and perfect full-body selfies ever. 

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