Best Selfie Poses for Girls

Selfies are a must for girls be it in the washroom or in an outing. Clicking selfies perfectly is an art. You should know the right posture and position to click a selfie so that you look the best. Knowing the angle from which your face looks the best is very important. If selfies and you do not gel up very well, this is the best place you have landed on. After reading this article, you might be in love with selfies and in awe about how easy clicking a selfie can be.

List of some trending and amazing poses

  • Pout selfie
  • Fun pose selfie
  • Coffee cup selfie
  • Mirror selfie
  • Nerdy look selfie
  • Sun-kissed selfie
  • The thinker pose selfie
  • Outfit of the day selfie
  • Random selfie
  • Bubble gum balloon selfie
  • Shadow selfie
  • Winged liner selfie
  • Accessories selfie
  • Smiling faced selfie
  • Candid selfie

Let’s try out the best selfie poses for girls

Now let’s move into knowing some trendy selfie poses which highlights the best features of your face and also helps you to have the best selfie. To know which selfie suits your face structure the most read through this article till the end.

Pout Selfie

pout selfie
pout selfie

Clicking pout selfies are now very common and never goes out of date for girls. Pout makes a girl look attractive so it is still one of the most trending selfies poses. Pout can also be an expression for displeasure. Pouting is thrusting the lips forward to make a cute expression. You need to take care of your lips if you click pouting selfies very often. Your lips cannot be dry and chapped while pouting. 

Things you need for this pose

 For pouting all you need to know how to pout. A perfect pout and a spot where your pout selfie will have the light you require. The angle from which you click the pout is also important. It may not be from the front always. Just colour your lips perfectly and you may also add some mascara for your eyes to look dynamic. Tilt your phone at an angle from your face and go for the click.

How to take a pouting selfie?

To have the perfect pouting selfie first you need to have a perfect pout. Make your lips pout worthy first, moisturize and exfoliate them. Keep pouting until you get the perfect pout, open your mouth and stretch the lips to the front. Select the best shade of lipstick you have. While clicking a pouting selfie pose your eyes along with your face and lips, make them smaller and appealing. 

Mirror Selfie

mirror selfie
mirror selfie

Mirror selfie is a very fun type of a selfie, but only when you know how to click it. In this type of selfie, you can click from both sides. In mirror selfies, not only the face but the full body and the pose can be captured. If you want to look lean in a mirror selfie, hold your phone at a downward angle than your face. Mirror selfies are one of my favourites but only with good lighting around. 

Things you need for this pose

Before clicking mirror selfies in the full view of your room be cautious that you have cleaned up the area that will be a part of your mirror selfie. Find the best angle around the mirror where good lighting is also available. If you are clicking a full-sized mirror selfie, strike a great pose and start clicking.

How to take a mirror selfie?

For clicking a mirror selfie you have to go close to the mirror and click using the front camera. Or for making your selfie aesthetic, you can capture using the back camera where you and your reflection both will be captured. A mirror selfie allows a double shot picture.

Casual Selfie

Casual Selfie
Casual Selfie

Casual or random selfies have no measured angle or way of clicking you just click the picture in whichever pose you like. A casual selfie is more of a candid selfie in which it looks like it is clicked when you are not aware but you are well aware of it. Casual selfies could be anything a selfie on the road, a selfie in the bookstore with the books as your background. Random selfies are the best if you have to make a story with the pictures. They are clicked thoughtlessly but hide a lot of thoughts within. 

Things you need for this pose

A casual selfie has no ways of clicking, it is just that you like the pose you are imitating and you go click click! It can be just that you are posing with your sunglasses, or your soft toy or playing with your hair and not even facing the camera and it is clicked.

How to take a casual selfie?

A candid or casual selfie is the best when not faced at the camera lens, but you obviously need to check the lighting and the angle at which you will be clicked. You can just pose and at the same time should also be ready to click the selfie without seeing the click button. This might be a challenge for beginners.

The Thinker Pose Selfie

The Thinker Pose Selfie

The Thinker pose is just that you have to pretend as if you are in deep thought and is daydreaming. Let your friends also know your serious side rather than always seeing the funny and smiling side of yours. Pose like you are deep thought using your eyes, forehead and fingers.

Things you need for this pose

All you have to do for having an intellectual pose is to sit with some books around you. Put the phone camera at a lower angle than your face. Click the picture for a side angle from your forehead. Do not smile but have a serious thinking look on your face as if you are worried about something.

How to take a thinker pose selfie?

Keep the camera lower than the face to have the best angle for an intellectual selfie. You can use your hair or a pen to show that you are pondering over something. But do practice the pose before getting to clock selfies or it might turn into a blunder.

Outfit of the Day Selfie

Outfit of the Day Selfie
Outfit of the Day Selfie

OOTD is one of the most common types of selfies teenagers click nowadays. In this type of selfie, their costume or outfit gets priority along with their faces. If you get dressed for any occasion be it party or wedding, you can click the outfit of the day selfie. OOTD selfies help in conveying to people your style number. Clicking selfies with different outfits daily has become a matter of status and pride nowadays. So why will you fail to have a high social status? Start dressing up and go cheezzz!

Things you need for this pose

When you get dressed in your most amazing outfit, this selfie is clicked. You can click a mirror selfie as well to show your full costume. Along with your outfit, you can also showcase your accessories. In these types of selfies, your face is not the main motive but your outfit is, so keep a check on how prim and proper it is.

How to take an outfit of the day selfie?

If you get addicted to OOTD selfies that is great but be careful not to repeat your outfits very often and post those pictures. Look for a suitable background which will coordinate well with your outfit. Make sure all the parts of your outfit are clearly visible. Keep the camera at an angle below your face around the middle of your body which will help you to capture the  

The Shadow Selfie

The Shadow Selfie

Shadow selfies are fun behind the camera. You do not have to give expressions and smile for clicking this selfie. No props and no pout selfie it is. Clicking shadow selfie needs a lot of practice and expertise. A good source of light is needed and you should know where to stand to get the perfect shadow selfie. The source of light should be behind you.

Things you need for this pose

This is fun behind the camera, no expression, no props but just a sexy pose captured in the form of a shadow. Features like your hair and body shape will be highlighted in this type of selfie. All you need to click a shadow selfie is to have a good source of light and concrete where the shadow can be reflected.

How to take a shadow selfie?

All you have to do to click a shadow selfie is strike an amazing pose which highlights your body features. You have to click against the source of light. Try to capture the movement of yourself. Hide the sun behind you to form a silhouetted effect. Shadow selfies are great fun once you know how to do it.

The Winged Liner Selfie

The Winged Liner Selfie

Getting the perfect winged liner is almost impossible according to all the girls. Having the perfect eyeliner and when the best selfie of the winged liner is a heaven on earth feeling for any girl. So when you have the perfect liner why not flaunt it with the selfie? Let everyone know that you are a fashionista with your winged liner and a perfect selfie to complement it.

Things you need for this pose

 All you need to do for this pose is to get the perfect winged eyeliner. To add to it you can put on a slight pout. Then all you have to do is flaunt your makeup skills. Make your line abroad so that it is easily visible on the selfie. You can also wear a pair of spectacles to add dimension to your eyes.

How to take a winged liner selfie?

 To get the perfect selfie with the winged liner you have to focus the selfie on your face so that your liner is clearly visible. So I would suggest that you hold the phone camera at a  minimum distance from your face and at an angle where your liner can be seen the best. Click the selfie where there is a good source of light. 

The Nerdy Look Selfie

nerdy look selfie

A nerdy look selfie may not always involve books and study tables. For this purpose, you can use books but not a glass is all you need to strike the perfect pose.

Things you need for this pose

 All you need for the perfect nerdy look selfie is the geek glasses which make you look intellectual and intelligent. The girl who is always behind books and is a bookworm wears these glasses. So get one to strike the perfect nerdy pose and go cheers!

How to take a nerdy look selfie?

 It may become boring to always upload pics in smiling or pout faces. To break the stereotype you can just have a nerdy look. To click a selfie with a nerdy look you will need to have a messy hair with the geeky specs. Place the phone camera in front of the face rather than at the side.

Sunkissed Selfie

sunkissed selfie
sunkissed selfie

Sunkissed selfies are when you click a selfie when the sun rays fall on your face and your face lightens up. Though it is almost impossible to keep the eyes open these types of selfies are very trendy and beautiful these days.

Things you need for this pose

All you need to do for this pose is move out in the sun and find a spot where the sun rays will be on your face while you click the selfie. Get the perfect angle of your face and start clicking.

How to take a sun-kissed selfie?

For clicking the perfect sun-kissed selfie, go near your window or to your balcony. Add some aesthetics to your selfie. It is mostly a morning selfie when the sun rays brush on your face. Having clumpy hair and no makeup face adds to the beauty of the picture.

The Fun Pose Selfie

The Fun Pose Selfie
The Fun Pose Selfie

 The fun pose can be any pose which makes others laugh, it can be just sticking out your tongue or wearing your sunglasses the wrong side. Whatever picture it is it has to be funny and make others laugh when they see your picture. Every person has a funny side and this selfie has to showcase that funny side of yours.

Things you need for this pose

 A funny selfie may require props if you want any. A funny selfie can be clicked even without props by just sticking out your tongue or relaxing with your hair. Striking silly poses, smiling aimlessly are all part of funny poses. You needn’t too much but just decide on the pose you are going to click on.

How to take a fun pose selfie?

Keeping your face at the corner site of the screen is in itself a funny pose. So there is no hard and fast way to strike a funny pose. It can be anything but you must find the best full-body funny pose you can make. When you are in a relaxed mood funny poses work the best.

Pro tips for perfect selfie shot for girls

Choose a selfie pose and keep it natural

Pick out a pose from the many selfie poses and choose the one which suits you the most. Choose that face which you can imitate easily. Stick to one selfie pose and make it as natural as you can with practice. It should not look like you tried to fake a pose, the selfie should be natural. Make sure the camera is not too close to your face.

Look up towards the camera         

For clicking the best selfie you need to raise your face towards the camera even if you are not facing the camera and trying to click candid selfies. Raise your eyebrows so that your eyes seem to be larger than they are. Facing the camera helps in clicking the best selfies. Look into the camera lens unless you are intending to click from a different view.

Hold your phone at a side angle instead of holding it in front of the face

The side angle gives a flawless selfie. It helps in clicking from a better angle than holding the phone camera in front of the face. Face the camera in a 2/3rd angle towards the camera. This helps in having a great angle of your face which highlights your facial features. Cheekbones and the height of your nose are well highlighted in this.

Keep some distance between your head and your neck

To have a relaxed look all you have to do is put your shoulders down and extend your head to keep it away from your neck. This also helps in having your line highlighted. If you use this tip It helps your neck look longer.

Relax your mouth to have the perfect parted lips selfie

To have the perfect parted lips selfie, keep your mouth normal, exhale through your mouth. This also makes a slight pout which adds glamour to your picture. Exhaling through the lips, keeping it half-closed or fully closed makes the picture look attractive.

Get the perfect light

To get the best selfie, one of the most important tips that I have to give is spin your phone camera from side to side to capture the perfectly lighted selfie on your phone. Perfect lighting and the perfect angle makes selfie praiseworthy and so look for the angle where lighting is the best.

Some unique tips to click the perfect selfie

Here I will discuss some of the features which will not make the selfie look like a selfie but a selfie clicked with the front camera. You can use a tripod to put your camera on and use a remote to control the click button. This is the best way when you travel alone and want to have amazing pictures of yourself. If you do not have a tripod you can balance it on something, maybe a rock or a plant where it will stay put and click your picture with the use of a timer. You can place the camera on the ground to have a different view of the things around you and yourself. With this, you will have a great selfie along with your background captured perfectly. A selfie stick becomes my best friend when I am out with my family members and there is a dire need of clicking groupies. 

Best selfie poses for girls on Instagram

Find out the best full-body pose that suits you the most and gives you the perfect picture. you should know yourself and the angle that suits you the best. Cute smiling selfies are always the best which are very adorable. Selfies with different props add uniqueness to the picture. For taking funny selfies you can click a half-faced selfie. One pro tip for all the beautiful girls who want to upload their best pictures on Instagram, do not forget to pose your eyes. Either you enlarge them or make puppy eyes, do whatever suits your face but pose them. Clicking cute selfies for Instagram is not enough but captioning them appropriately is also essential so that people find a substance to read and know other than seeing your picture. Snapchat filters are one of the most trendings and you can use the filters and stickers to make them exciting. 


Trying out new poses in new places is great fun. It is a great way to improve your photography skills, it helps you to learn which place has better lighting and clicking the selfie from which angle highlights the best features of the face. Explore your selfie face, in all the different places you go, take foot selfies, and selfies at unique locations to have a creative and unique gallery. So now that you have learned about the top 10 selfie poses, what are you waiting for? Put on some light makeup, grab your phone and go click click!!

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