Best DSLR Cameras for Selfies

Need to capture your selfies usually on small, very small sensors through very small lenses? You can say, from the beginning, “It’s really okay.” But consider this for a moment and realize that you need to compare the respect of your dearest partner, respected relatives and fans to your most remarkably imaginable quality picture – catch on a suitable camera that is under the ground and adaptable right?

The fame of selfies has reformed photography and self-presentation. Selfie is a powerful term which has changed the way we communicate with others – or rather not interface – when we need to remind ourselves to take photographs, moreover, selfies have even pointed to camera design, to help camera makers understand how LCD screens look like lenses. Forces. Crazy, isn’t it? In fact, that’s right. The design of the selfie camera has changed. Name another kind of photo with this type of effect.

I used a thorough searching rule when looking for the cameras fit best for selfie of the year. 

What makes any DSLR camera for a good selfie?

Clearly there’s nothing hard to pick a good selfie camera – but it would be fairly limited, considering all the issues. Yet there are certain highlights that make a camera fit more for taking many other things than just taking selfies for sure.

Here are those important highlights as I concentrate my search for the best selfie camera:

Flip screen

It is the most notable element of a camera not only for the selfies but also for the other purpose by long shots. You should have the option to see your click before spreading your selfie and allow you to screen to see the exposure, the preview of the creation and whether there is a couch trapped in your teeth!

Touch Screen

By no means does it create a shape or basic look, but a flip or articulating screen allows you to communicate with your face in the center and make selfies much easier and quicker.

Image Quality

If your camera is capable of taking better selfies than your PDA, there’s no point in using it. Quality Image also refers to the performance in low light – an area where cell phone cameras typically fight.

Quick and exact Auto-Focus

Selfies are usually expected to make you particularly shaky in Broad Day spaces – all things considered, which makes a blockhead look like a separate photo of yourself ?! Having a quick and direct AF will enable the camera to sway towards your face so the shot can be expected lightly even in situations as short as possible.


In any ideal situation, each camera of your cell phone is more or less the same in size, but there are options to offer better quality of the image. So you’ll need to pack some free space in your pocket or for the camera. DSLR cameras are bulky, but you have the opportunity to play more creative with DSLR lenses.

Choice of Lens

If you have a really long arm, you usually need a wide-angle lens to take a selfie. In the event that there are incompatible lenses in your camera, you have accessible options. If your camera has a fixed lens then it should be 35mm or more wide.

Bluetooth/WiFi or NFC

Ii is to believe that anyone who takes refuge in it needs to share your clicked images if they take a selfie. A camera with a remote communication in your advanced tablet or cell is important to move the image quickly and without any problems.

Regardless of all the incomparable camera accessibility of selfie DSLRs in 2020, your humble cell phone will be the first to go by that majority anyway. But as you have the choice now, and with the facility to obscure the foundation, apply your creative juice at the moment to select the best camera for yourself.

10 Best DSLR and Digital Cameras for Selfies

Still, if you’re not kidding about taking awesome selfies, the cameras recorded here can take higher pictures than any telephone available right now. Additionally, they are better suited for taking adequate amounts than only selfies and show improvement on your telephone. Find out these best models below

Best DSLR Camera Our Rating Buy Now
FUJIFILM XT-100 Digital Camera 9.9/10 Check Price
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera 9.7/10 Check Price
Pentax K-70 DSLR Camera 9.5/10 Check Price
Nikon A1000 digital camera 9.3/10 Check Price
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II digital camera 9.0/10 Check Price
Olympus E-PL8 8.7/10 Check Price
Fujifilm X-T30 8.5/10 Check Price
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II 8.5/10 Check Price
Canon Rebel SL2/200D 8.0/10 Check Price
Panasonic TZ90/ZS70 7.9/10 Check Price

FUJIFILM XT-100 Digital Camera

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Keeping a FUJIFILM generic for use at top of my list, the articulating screen of XT-100 is a must need for selfie photographers, yet it similarly incorporates the full scope adaptability of the FUJIFILM X-Arrangement lenses. Additionally, it looks awesome with retro size and the top-dial control. Ask this to yourself, “Don’t you need to capture your best self as interesting as the subject on the camera, when taking a selfie?” If the appropriate response is true, then at that moment it must be a variant for you to change.

Review – X-T100 has a basic, retro feel design, a functional and minimal unit lens and the mandatory control layout. It is a relatively low-cost camera that looks like an expensive DSLR model.

Pros – The X-T100 is by no means the same size or shape or makes Fujifilm’s most progressive X-mount mirrorless camera.

Cons – You get the power of 4K video, yet it has the lowest speed of 15fps, to be honest, not good for anyone even a newbie. The X-T100 shares this questionable detail with X-A5 at the level of the chipper section.


Question: Is it compact and easy to use and carry around?

Answer: Yes! Very small compared to DSLR

Question: Does it have a metal body or plastic?

Answer: Metal

Question: Does amazon fast, free shipping apply to this item?

Answer: Yes

Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

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If you don’t have enough knowledge at the moment, just note that a camera with an interchangeable lens is perfectly equipped to take awesome selfies. Also, in light of this you can change lenses, you own a camera that can take other photographic initiatives. The Micro Four Third Framework has been reduced, light weight and equipped enough to capture awesome selfies and images.

Review – Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5, Nikon D500, and Olympus OM-DE-M1 II, these cameras are Gold Award winning by Dpreview that while trying they felt their individual class camera reform and what did they demand? They are usually expected from an APS-C body or lead micro four third. These are some of the big competitions the G9 has to face, but the G9 stands out. Frankly, at any event.

Pros – When using Improved Dual and durable lenses, the G9 provides the most notable CIPA-rated level of any standard camera currently available in the market with 6.5 stops. So this is a great news for both the still and video shooters.

Cons – Just like the GH5, G9 can capture 4K / 60p video and have jack for both earphones and mic, but it comes with high bitrate preferences and a brief summary of its relative broadband device.


Question: what kind of lens does the camera have, Leica or Lumix?


Pentax K-70 DSLR Camera

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A smaller version and more modern DSLR is available – especially in silver color, equipped with compatible and right lens, the Pentax K-70 will happily catch your happy face from every angle of your selfie stick or your hand. Not only this, with the long last battery of Pentax lens for browsing, you will have more than a stunt horse as your favorite selfie camera.

Review – Pentax presents a real motivator for cash. It provides total DSLR control (twin dial) in a section where the maximum operates in only one. The largest viewfinder is the only one that gives you a full view of the frame. In addition, it is also important to self-adjust the on-sensor platform discovery and in-body adjustment.

Pros – Only these small feature highlights should be K-70, it costs around $649.95 for only the body, great incentive for cash.

Cons – As a result of the huge, internal compatibility and crystal-type viewfinder, it similarly becomes the weighty camera and has the most limited battery life.


Question: Is the focus accurate and fast?

Answer: The auto focus works great. 

Question: Will my SLR lenses fit on a DSLR camera?

Answer: Any K mount lens will fit, but you will have to set the aperture manually on M series lenses and older.

Question: What comes in the box with the used camera body?

Answer: The package containing the lens cleaners, blower, and other basic kits.

Nikon A1000 digital camera

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With Nikon A1000 digital camera, you will have a powerful point-and-shoot camera with technology and options. Oh, anyway, it’s pretty nice to see. Flip the screen, take your selfie. Flip down again and turn your camera around to capture great other shots, lovely scenic beauty and more.

Review – Nikon Coolpix A1000 is an entertaining camera for a shoot and it claims an optical zoom enough to capture virtually any scene. Considering the rough £ 409 launch price, we would only recommend Nikon A1000 if you only have this amount of zoom area in your hand.

Pros – The Nikon RAW image capture in this model has been unlocked and the ISO sensitivity on the maximum side in A900 has been upgraded from ISO 1600 to ISO 6400 in the new model.

Cons – The A1000 fights with situations like high-contrast and low light and lacks dynamic range as well.


Question: What is included with this camera?

Answer: Charging cord and plug, battery.

Question: Where is this camera made?

Answer: Japan.

Question: Does the camera have a GPS chip to geotag pictures?

Answer: If you use the Nikon SnapBridge app on your paired smartphone, the camera will automatically add GPS data to your photos.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II digital camera

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Sony RX100 II is a great action camera for enthusiasts. It looks, feels, and smells like a tiny action camera, but on the flip side it’s a serious photography device that can shoot 4K videos and it has the most loved pop-up screen for selfie lovers and of course for bloggers! Small, waterproof, light, shockproof, crash-proof, artist-proof, action Proof, Sony RX0 is an exclusive camera in a variety of ways – seamless for capturing your best self while on your wheels!

Review – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II looks like a tiny action pro camera. The fuzzy build and small size make the little flip-out screen with 4K resolution perfect for mounting the camera on a number of moving vehicles. A high frame rate is 1000fps, which certainly makes a way to capture a live action for a little RX0 II. The RX100 II’s 4K camera is perfect for Vloggers and travellers and social media video creators hiding under water, dust, shock and crash-proof.

Pros – Shooting Safe on camera at low light or night with high-contrast scenes, I think it is safe to have this RX100 II in any city nightscapes.

Cons – The pressure of the shooting menu increases when you have to look for any setting, but this basic small camera has ample options to panic the shooter at first consideration.


Question: Marketed as an action camera?

Answer: No. This is not a part of the Action Camera Genre.

Question: Does it have built-in GPS?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS sensor.

Question: Is it possible to record nonstop 4 hours video, connected to a power bank?

Answer: Yes, the continuous recordable time for movies is approximately 13 hours at maximum.

Olympus E-PL8

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Developers of Olympus have gone far to make a flawless camera for those style conscious people. The E-PL8 is an excessive and vintage looking camera equipped with metallic dials and skin sensors. Moreover, plenty of accessories to make a complete look. Brushed aluminium texture, textured knuckles, and Leather greens make it truly look luxurious and expensive. Entering selfie mode is not difficult; down the Flip screen, turn on e-portrait mode for pre-loaded filters and voila, you have it.

Review – the modern technology from team Olympus, the EPL8 makes great and unique photos. It has an iAuto function for previewing the background automatically and switching to the suitable mode accordingly out of 42 available modes to give you the image look for.

Pros – I like the camera so much! It’s not long at the moment or it’s not used much yet, but I have no such big complaints still.

Cons – For taking a selfie the screen doesn’t tilt 180 degrees up but it does tilt down. This can be a problem for some people, especially if you want to mount a tripod.


Question: The touch screen flips down for selfies but no viewfinder? Sounds like a rookie camera to me.

Answer: This is definitely not a pro camera, but it has tons of features and it’s really well built.

Question: Can these use Sony alpha or nex lens?

Answer: only with adapters

Question: Does the camera come with a charge too?

Answer: Yes it does

Fujifilm X-T30

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To meet the needs of modern day’s photographers, team Fujifilm has made a camera that has some specific and dedicated options for selfie. For example, to balance skin tone, Fujifilm X-T30 contains a portrait enhancer feature, along with eye detection AF, which is activated when you flip the rotating screen.

Review – Camera Remote app from Fujifilm is a great help. You can easily transfer photos to your smartphone or cell via Bluetooth. So, you can share them on social media or with friends or do whatever you like to. Use Fuji X-Series lenses which are obviously better than other ordinary optics so you can get truly remarkable results. Speaking openly, you will find selfies to attract more followers on Instagram for sure.

Pros – The camera is versatile so suits for any occasions. Features of this camera are great

Cons- The only error is that this camera didn’t have a viewfinder that I really needed. The screen on the flip side is very adjustable.


Q: Is this a DSLR?

A: no, it’s a mirrorless camera

Q: Does this camera have a 3.5mm mic port?

A: No 2.5 mm

Q: Can I use manual mode?

A: Yes. This is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with auto, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual and a few other modes.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

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Stay inspired by the PowerShot G7X Mark II, which associates exciting performance and speed with a compact, smart design. It sure will be perfect for events, travel, and on the move or anywhere, or as an optional camera which features a high quality performance by 1.0-inch 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and f/1.8-22 lens you are able to capture bright and impressive photos whenever creativity stimuluses even in poor lighting situations. The DIGIC7 image processor provides instant auto focus tracking, increased IS and dividends with fantastic image clarity or quality even when shooting in high ISO. For a flexible hold, PowerShot G7X Mark II provides uninterrupted shooting at high speeds up to 8 fps in RAW, JPG and RAW + JPEG modes, and equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi and built-in full HD capability. Gives you all you need and shares easily.

Review – The camera is equipped with a new image editing processor and universal high-aperture lens. If you want any portable device to boast of great quality image, I especially recommend this Canon camera for great selfie. Although it is rather cheap.

Pros – I like the big, great touch screen that can go to you for taking great selfies. You have the touch option to focus on a specific object.

Cons – Poor battery performance. The battery needs to be recharged after about 1 hour of use, with video recording.


Question: What comes in the box with this camera?

Answer: A charger, battery and strap.

Question: Is that lens will be interchangeable?

Answer: This lens is fixed at 24-100mm (equivalent) f/1.8-2.8.

Question: Is it weather resistant?

Answer: Not as such, but more so than a Sony.

Canon Rebel SL2/200D

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You can take impressive photos with high detail and precise color reproduction. This camera has a different-angle screen to boast great power. Feel free to use old lenses as old as 30 years and enjoy transferring photos via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC. This Canon selfie camera has great motion tracking and face detection that will keep you in focus even while walking.

Review – In fact, this camera is identified as one of the smallest DSLRs in the world. The camera feels very nice to hold in hand because of its compact design. However, this does not mean that this camera has less features than other bigger devices. In fact, Canon tried to incorporate as many options as possible.

Pros – The best thing is that it includes a built-in optical viewfinder so you can preview and shoot through the lens. An additional thing is to create the size and weight for a good portable camera which you will always want to carry yourself. It is very light.

Cons – Some negatives are there and the most noticeable one is the stingy lens (Canon 18-55mm) brought by the camera. Zip for precision and performance; Buy only the body light or outside and find yourself a better lens.


Question: Does the camera come with a neck strap? And what is included in the package?

Answer: It has a strap, charger and battery with manual camera settings. 

Question: Does the camera have a microphone to record without having to plug in my microphone?

Answer: The camera has a built-in microphone but I would recommend using an external one. Since the built-in mic is attached to the body of the camera so it picks up internal noise including auto-focusing as well as handling noise. 

Question: Does the white body and lens get dirty quickly?

Answer: No, even after use for several years, it will not. But as every electronic gadget needs its special care, the same applies for any camera as well.

Panasonic TZ90/ZS70

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The Panasonic LUMIX Point and Shoot digital camera is known to the camera buffs for its innovative features and reliability. The Lumix DC ZS70 is an extremely portable point and remarkably stable 5 axis hybrid and IS in shoot travel camera. (Optical Image Stabilizer) with 30x (24 720mm) Leica DC Vario brings the legendary optical performance of the Elmer lens. Traditionalists will prefer the manual lens-mounted control ring option, as well as the introduction of the eye-level EVF or electronic viewfinder. The modern enthusiast Wi-Fi enabled devices will love the easy control feature and flexibility of the next generation that brings 4K photo and 4K video modes for the creative minds. Focusing area General: 50 cm wide – infinity / tele 200 cm – infinity.

Review – This is one of those absolutely smart cameras for taking selfies. To enable the range of features, you can simply rotate the screen closer to the face. This specific feature makes you enable to soften the skin, blur the background, activate the slimming mode, or keep it sharp.

Pros – It has a buddy shutter option, which takes the picture instantly while you and your friends bring the faces together. Best suitable for self and group selfies.

Cons – The sensor of the camera is too small, but the modern BSI CMOS, is very efficient for its pixel size.


Question: What is the aperture of the lens on the ZX60?

Answer: Widest open aperture is 3.3. It is on the spec sheet.

Question: Does this camera have an LCD viewfinder and a regular see-through viewfinder?

Answer: The camera has a viewfinder, but it is not optical. It is an electronic viewfinder in addition to the LCD screen. Easy to use.

Question: Can I charge the battery within the camera using an USB cord?

Answer: Yes – micro-USB, the same as most cell phones.

A Brief Buyers’ Guide

Are you searching for a compressed guide? Looking no further, have your best brief guide here. There are plenty of options available that it’s hard to know from where to kick start.

The manual mode

Manual mode lets you take full control over your technical and creative side on an image’s exposure.

In automatic mode, the camera selects an aperture, shutter speed, and ISO automatically for you. But in manual mode, you can choose those three things by yourself, so that you have more control over the image that how it is captured.

Also, automatic or semi-automatic (AV and TV or S) modes are effective for newbies and novice players, especially when you are just starting off. However, you will soon learn the usage of the manual mode to capture photos exactly the way you want them to be.


ISO controls the light and how sensitive the sensor of the camera is to illuminating. By increasing the ISO sensitivity, you are capable of shooting in dark situations without any flash or other light source. Search for cameras that have ISO 1600 or higher. Some cameras can shoot more than ISO 25,000 – 100,000!

Resolution or Megapixels

Megapixels (MP) is the measurement of the resolution of a camera. Think of it this way: go higher of mega pixels, more you can create sharp, high quality prints.

Consider what amount of resolution you look for (if you make big printings on a consistent basis, you will want more if you want to print 4x6s) go for higher megapixels of course.


If you are just starting a photography venture, look for a camera that you can take anywhere you want. You may want to carry a lighter, smaller camera than a full-size bulky camera. In terms of image quality it can be an exchange, but you take the shot at least. If the camera you carry is too heavy that you might not want to take it with you, but you won’t go anywhere with your photography too fast.


Are you able to easily access all the menu buttons? Do you feel your camera comfortable in your hand? What is the feeling to have a camera close to your face? To get this solved, just go to the store and look for the camera, take it in your hand that you’re actually considering!


Some cameras feature a stronger, stronger magnesium alloy interior frame and weather seal than others. Depending on the crazy things you plan to photograph, these are somehow not the features you need!

Menu system

Make it sure the camera menu system is simple and easy to understand and use as well. Each camera model is different, but you must be able to know how to operate or navigate your camera menu without getting the help of the manual. No camera menu should not be so complicated that it makes you avoid you from using the camera!

Raw format

Some cameras have the option to save photos in RAW or JPG format. But some models are limited to JPEG or JPG format only. Look out the explanation of why you prefer RAW clicking.

Almost all DSLR, mirrorless, Micro Four Third cameras can shoot in RAW format (and JPG format). Very few camera phones and compact point-and-shoot cameras have the ability to shoot in RAW and are limited to JPEG format only.


Proper and exact focus is an important part of great photography because it brings the viewer’s eye on your images to the right place where you want them to see. Missing focus is the way to waste a great shot!

When you test your potential camera, you have to seriously consider the superiority of the autofocus system. 

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Additional features

Most of the cameras have additional but essential features, though less necessary. These are the really fun parts of the experiment and make your camera more fun to use but they probably won’t be what breaks or makes your purchase decision.

  • The image stabilization

This feature decreases vibration and vibration during shooting which in turn decreases blur in high-contrast or low light situations. Sometimes there is a stabilizing process between the camera body and the lens which is called optical image stabilization. It makes the quality of an image higher than digital image stabilization, which is what the software on the camera does.

  • LCD or Liquid crystal display

One kind of screen is common in a liquid crystal display (LCD) camera but not all the LCDs are made in the same manner! Some camera manufacturers are offering articulating screens now (also called flip screens), which makes you able to adjust the exact physical position of the display with one or two axes. The concept is to use the screen as a viewfinder, allowing you to see what you’re shooting in live situations where you may not be able to find it through the physical viewfinder. Quite easy!

  • Viewfinder 

The viewfinder is the part of the camera through which you see what you compose your frame. With a DSLR, the viewfinder makes it easy for you to see through the lenses for the mirror.

The point-and-shoot and mirrorless cameras may have an LCD screen on the back of the camera in place of the viewfinder. Some people may have an electronic viewfinder.

Through an electronic viewfinder (EVF) you will be able to see an electronic image version of the frame based on your current camera settings as it is displayed in your image.

  • Wi-Fi connection

Cameras from the recent era are capable to connect through Wi-Fi to the Internet wirelessly, creating the wind to directly upload your photos to your computers or from your camera to social media sites. Some cameras allow you to download some related apps that connect your phone to the camera, let you set a timer, press the shutter, or preview the frame you want to capture, all directly from your cell phone.

  • Company or brand

The quality of the frames you create has nothing to do with your camera brand. This is about only you as a budding or pro photographer! While brands attract a ton of attention in the world of photography, let’s discuss them.

Three tips for taking selfies on camera

  1. Set up with the wide angle view you have in your camera. Close-ups are good but shooting in a wide-angle let’s everyone see the exact position of all in the frame when you take your selfie. If your location is beautiful, show it!
  2. Careful about your background. Just like when you’re capturing others’ portraits, you don’t want to raise a telephone pole or a tree from the middle of your head!
  3. If you do not have a tripod, a table or any other solid object, place your camera on a solid surface. The last thing you will do is press the camera shutter when you are done because now it has the right balance on any object not intended to capture.

Many DSLRs and digital cameras can be used with selfie sticks

A selfie stick is great help because the photographer has the opportunity to include him/herself in the frame so it is great for family or group photos.

Check your camera’s user manual to see if the camera has the wireless feature or is compatible with the wireless or wired remote of that camera model.

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Do all DSLR and Digital cameras come with Selfie Screen?

Most of the recently updated Camera Models come with the Selfie Screen or say Flip or articulating Screen. So that you have the good option to take a great Selfie by the help of this flip Screen option.

The final words

There is no other word that selfie has had a huge influence on self-photography. You can also get tutorials on taking and making better selfies. As a result, manufacturers had to remodel their cameras to accommodate LCD screens to the face type of the user. Now, if you want to have the best self-portraits or selfies and make a replacement of your smartphone camera, these are some of the best selfie cameras you can have. But before making any choice, it’s important to consider some important points that make some of the DSLR, mirrorless, and digital cameras perfect for taking selfies.

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